Boost Your Health and Wallet with These 20+ Affordable Nutritious Foods

78. Coconut Oil

Best Place to Buy: Whole Foods
Price: $10-$20*
Benefits: Fat burning, seizure reduction, antimicrobial effects

Coconut Oil @walmart/PinterestCoconut Oil @walmart/Pinterest

Coconut oil is a multi-purpose substance that has been utilized for centuries across different cultures as a food, cosmetic, and medicinal product. Healthline highlights numerous scientifically-proven advantages of coconut oil such as promoting fat burning, reducing seizures and appetite, and possessing antimicrobial properties. Furthermore, coconut oil can enhance the condition of hair, skin, and oral hygiene. Nevertheless, it is imperative to consume coconut oil moderately. Medical News Today advises limiting the daily intake to a maximum of two tablespoons due to its high content of saturated fatty acids.

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