Boost Your Health and Wallet with These 20+ Affordable Nutritious Foods

69. Whole Grain Pasta

Best Place to Buy: Walmart, Costco
Price: $2.09/box*
Benefits: Provides a feeling of satiety

Pate ©SMarina/Shutterstock.comPate ©SMarina/

Numerous individuals are conscious that regularly consuming white pasta isn’t the most beneficial choice. The human body swiftly transforms its simple carbohydrates into glucose, causing sudden surges and drops in blood sugar levels, leaving us more famished than we were previously. However, a fantastic substitute is whole grain pasta, which enables you to whip up effortless meals on hectic weeknights while also making your health a top priority. The whole grains present in this variant of pasta furnish long-lasting satiety and are abundant in fiber and essential minerals.

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