Boost Your Health and Wallet with These 20+ Affordable Nutritious Foods

60. Milk

Best Place to Buy: Whole Foods
Price: $5.49*
Benefits: Promotes bone growth

Milk ©Davizro Photography/Shutterstock.comMilk ©Davizro Photography/

Cow’s milk is a highly nutritious dairy product that is an excellent source of protein, containing eight grams per serving, and has a low calorie count. It is a great dietary option for those who can tolerate it. Cow’s milk is also rich in calcium and other minerals that are not readily available in other foods, as it is intended to nourish baby cows and help them grow strong and big.

Drinking milk can also promote healthy teeth and bones in humans. However, not everyone can consume milk due to dietary restrictions. For those who can tolerate it, cow’s milk offers numerous nutritional benefits.

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