Boost Your Health and Wallet with These 20+ Affordable Nutritious Foods

51. Spirulina

Best Place to Buy: Organic Market
Price: $5*
Benefits: Protects the liver

©Elena Schweitzer /©Elena Schweitzer /

Are you searching for a nutrient-dense supplement to add to your daily diet? Perhaps you should consider trying spirulina, a green microalgae that grows in a unique spiral shape. You can easily find spirulina in various forms, including capsules or powders, which can be effortlessly incorporated into your daily routine.

Spirulina is not only an excellent source of iron, a nutrient that is often deficient in the average American diet, but it also offers various liver-protective properties. By promoting bile production and eliminating harmful toxins from the body, spirulina can assist in maintaining a healthy liver.

Therefore, if you are seeking a straightforward and efficient approach to enhance your nutrient consumption while supporting your liver health, give spirulina a chance today!

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