Boost Your Health and Wallet with These 20+ Affordable Nutritious Foods

25. Raspberry

Best Place to Buy: Farmer’s market
Avg. Price: $5 per tray*
Benefits: Anti-carcinogenic properties 

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When it comes to fruits, raspberries stand out as one of the most dynamic members of the berry family. Their delicious taste and juicy texture make them an instant favorite, but it’s their abundance of polyphenols that give them an impressive anti-cancer property, much like their berry siblings, blackberries, and blueberries. Whether you’re snacking on them straight from the container or topping them on your favorite yogurt or cereal, raspberries are an excellent choice to power up your diet with essential vitamins and minerals. What’s more, they have a lower sugar content compared to other fruits, so you won’t experience an energy crash after indulging in their sweet goodness.

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