Boost Your Health and Wallet with These 20+ Affordable Nutritious Foods

21. Lentils

Best Place to Buy: Any grocery store
Avg. Price: $4 for 2 pounds*
Benefits: High in fiber

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Lentils are a powerhouse of nutrients, boasting high amounts of fiber and protein. Besides, they are also an excellent source of iron, a crucial mineral that helps to maintain healthy blood and prevent anemia. Additionally, lentils are rich in folate, a B-vitamin that plays a vital role in cell growth and development.

The versatility of lentils is another advantage. They can be cooked in a myriad of ways, making them an affordable and adaptable ingredient for any meal. From soups and stews to salads and dips, lentils can be easily incorporated into your diet.

So, if you want to reap the numerous health benefits of lentils, start incorporating them into your meals today. Not only are they nutritious, but they’re also delicious and easy to cook.

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